Module 5: Updating your Target Area is what will bring you more full price paying customers.

This step is the primary strategy that will get you hundreds of full price paying customers. The Target Area will be defaulted to a few miles around the address of your business by Groupon. If you do not change your Target Area, the only customers that will make it to your website are Groupon customers, which you do not want because it will cause your business to loss money. Contact Groupon directly to update your Target Area, make sure the number of miles you provide for your Target Area is much Larger than your Groupon service area, In fact it is best to make your Target Area as far as your willing to travel to service customers, if customers must travel to your business it does not matter how far your Target area is.

When you contact Groupon to update your Target Area, the agent you talk to most likely will also update your Fine Print by adjusting the service area info, usually by adding a zip code and a radius, which of course you do not want, because it will guarantee you will lose money, as they re making these changes, they will let you know the change has been made, immediate let the agent handling your Target Area update to NOT make changes to your Fine Print, and to make sure your Fine Print states to visit your website to verify the service area. To reiterate, update your Target Area by increasing the miles, but do not allow any changes to your Fine Print.