Module 4: Vital changes that need to be  made after your agreements has been signed and your Final Review approved.

Now, the steps in the 4th Steps process is the do or die when it comes to running a successful service business on Groupon that is profitable and gets hundreds of potential customers to your website.


Changes to Be Made on Your Website


1. Place content on your website (preferable the home page, it will cut down on needless phone calls if Groupon customers can find the services area information more easily) that details your service area for Groupon customers, and regular price paying customers.

The Groupon service area must be written effectively or your business will fail on Groupon, millions of small businesses left Groupon because they were not making money, and most importantly, they were losing money, this was and still is a result of not understanding how to structure the information on their service area. Here are service area statement that will restrict the number of Groupon customers you receive while increasing your number of full paying customers:


“Only Customers Living in Naples City are Permitted to Use Groupons, If You Live Out of the Area Feel Free to Book With Us Directly.”

“Groupon customers, must live in 00087 zip code, all other customers must book with us directly, please call 55-555-555 to book your appointment” 


“Groupon service area is within 10 miles of 90025, all other customers in the Los Angeles area can book with us directly for the same great price.”


If you closely examine the Groupon service area statements above, you see the objective of the statement is to reduce the number Groupon customers you accept, while increasing the number of full price paying customers you service. 


Important points to remember:

Never share your Groupon service area statement with Groupon, only place it on your website for customers to see, if a customer has purchased your Groupon but lives outside of the Groupon service area, tell the customer to “contact Groupon immediately for a refund, you live outside of the service area”. You begin turning away Groupon customers that are outside of the Groupon service area after you have acquired 10 5 star reviews, the more positive reviews you have the more full paying customers will use your business. If you have bad reviews, full price paying customers will never use your service. We do recommend to start off (when your business first gets listed on Groupon) to accept Groupons outside of your service area to quickly

accumulate your positive reviews. You can also wait until you have your 10 or more positive reviews before you add your Groupon service area statement to your website. 


Be advised, as stated earlier Groupon customers are deal seeker, they will try to pressure you into accepting their Groupon even though that are not in your Groupon service area, they will go as far as to tell you your Fine Print says they live in your 15 mile radius, just tell them straightforward your Fine Print states to visit our website to verify service area. 


Check to verify if your Fine Print has been changed to what you requested by visiting Groupon’s website and searching for your business.

The last piece of information you will certainly need to change are update to ensure maximum profits is the prices you used to get your agreement approved. Pay close attention to changing your prices. If you have a list of services, you want your first service that’s offered to be the equivalent, or just a few dollars more of the sale price your service is going for on Groupon, but because, if you make your new prices higher than the Groupon sale price customers will not book your services directly.  

For Example,

Sally’s Catering

Original Price for Catering Meals

Groupon's Sale

Price for Catering 8

Price on Your Website You'll Receive




Remember, the $300 is the inflated cost you provided to Groupon as 1 of your options for sale when you first submitted your business information requested by Groupon to list your business on their site. It’s also the price that must be posted on your website to get your application to Groupon approve, but remember after you have accumulated at least ten 5 star reviews you will change the information on your website that is outlined in the 4 steps chapter of this book.

The other $150 of course is the new updated amount that will be posted on your website after you receive your ten 5 star reviews, and what customers who are booking directly with your business will be paying, and will receive 100% of the this, of course.