Module 3: The most important information your must provide directly to Groupon for this strategy to be effective on drawing customers to your business.

Groupon will send you a contract to sign using the program DocuSign too your email, which is  is an American company headquartered in San Francisco, California that helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. Once you have signed your agreement through Docusign, Groupon will require you to approve a Final Review of your business before your business gets officially listed on Groupon. In the Final Review you will be required to approve the following information regarding your business service:

  1. Service Description

  2. Fine Print

  3. Website

and there are a few others depending on the type of service your offering, but these 4 elements are what will impact the strategy you are implementing for your business to ensure Groupon is an effective sales funnel for your business, ringing hundreds of customers a day to your website.


Service Description

Be very careful when completing your service description, you want to keep it straightforward, limited, and simple. Most importantly DO NOT list all of the services you offer in this description to Groupon, you want to limit the number of services you’ll have to provide at discounted rates.

For the sake of demonstrating this logic, let’s say  you own a carpet cleaning company, and your company not only cleans carpets, but upholstery, and drapes as well. When your building your service description for your Groupon listing (campaign) only choose 1 service to mention in the description, as you describe your service of carpet cleaning, you want to add as many details to your carpet cleaning service as possible, the more details you have, the more often customers will purchase your service. 


Description of Jolly Molly’s Carpet Cleaning Services- 


Rid your carpet, furniture, and drapes of troublesome allergens, dust, dirt, bacteria, and preying viruses.

Jolly Molly’s methodological cleaning solutions not only kills bacteria and hiding viruses, but it also brightens and whitens restoring your carpet, upholstery, and curtains to like-new conditions as if you just purchased them from the store.


The above description would be place somewhere on your website.


Description of Jolly Molly’s Carpet Cleaning Service for Groupon - 


Return your carpet to like-new condition with the whitening and brightening methods of Jolly Molly’s Carpet Cleaning. As an added plus, we’ll also rid your carpet of illness causing bacteria and viruses, leaving your carpet dust and dirt free.

The above description is an example of how you will need to modify your original company’s service description to be provided to Groupon for their Final Review stage. 

Groupon will have pre-written information in the Final Review, this pre-written information is written in such a way that favors Groupon and not business owners, this is why before you approve the Final Review you MUST make the edits to the Service Description, Fine Print, and website because these 3 sections will make or break your business on Groupon. 


Fine Print


Essentially te Fine Print section is where your list all policies and rules that will govern how Groupon  

customers can conduct business with your company.  The Fine Print section in the Final review stage will be pre-written by Groupon, this information MUST be edited by you before you approve it.

The Fine Print written by Groupon will be similar to the following:

Voucher expires in 120 days after date of purchase. Only one voucher per person, and 2 as a gift. Voucher only Valid within a 20 mile radius of 98788. Voucher can not be used on drapes, furniture, or vacant homes.

The above Fine Print policies allows Groupon to make as much money from your business as possible, while losing you thousands of dollars each month, the primary secret to this highly effective strategy is well written policies in your Fine Print.

You will replace Groupon’s pre-written Fine Print policies, with policies that favor your business and allows you to make the maximum profits possible, provide you a steady stream of full price paying customers, and get an average of 250+ customers directly to your website.

Here is how you must edit your Fine Print in order to run a successful service business on Groupon:


Replace “Voucher expires in 120 days after date of purchase” with voucher expires in 30 days.


Replace “Only one voucher per person, and 2 as a gift” with only 1 voucher per household


Replace “Voucher only Valid within a 

20 mile radius of 98788” with visit our website to verify service area.

You will not replace “Voucher can not be used on drapes, furniture, or vacant homes.” In fact, you will add more information here if there are other services you offer you want to restrict the voucher to be used on. This is really important, Groupon customer are notorious negotiators and will try to get a deal on each and every service you offer, it is completely up to your business to ensure Groupon customers do not receive any additional benefits outside of the one service your proving to Groupon Customers. Groupon customers will try to get you to service them even though they fall outside of the Groupon service area, never allow they to do so, you will always loss money if you do not stick to only accepting Groupons in your Groupon service area. Simply tell Groupon customers that are not in your service area to “Please, contact Groupon for a refund” commit this phase to memory, if you feel to say this phrase you will open your up to time consuming debates, Groupon customers can and will be persistant, establish your business reputation (which is more valuable than the profits you make) by enforcing all policies, for each policy you bend for customer will cost you money, and develop a poor business reputation that will attract low value customers (customers that are difficult to service and refuses to pay full price).

Beware, depending on the Groupon agent that is overseeing you through the process of placing your business on their website they may be resistant to certain information your trying to add to your Fine Print, don’t be concerned, If your unfortunate enough to have to deal with this type of agent, there is no need for getting upset or giving up on ruuning your service business on Groupon successfully, you’ll simply wait one week, than contact Groupon Merchant Services using their Live Chat, which you will be able to access through your merchant account that will be created for you by Groupon, once you have signed your agreement and submitted your your Final Review approval.