Module 2: Layout your website in a way that minimizes Groupon customers, but maximizes full price customers

As stated in 1st steps, Groupon will require you have  your retail price listed on your website, don’t be concerned if you have to increase your regular price due to the discounts of Groupon, once they check your site for verification,which usually occurs during the set up phase, or after you sign your Groupon agreement, you can change it to your preferred pricing, Groupon never checks your site again once your business is up and rolling on Groupon. 

If your customers can book online make sure there is an option for customers to book the 2 services your offering on Groupon at the retail price, not the sale price, this very important. You must have both options available to be book. If your customers can not book online from your website, simply add a price list on your website that be easily seen by visitors, or create a pricing page. Whether you use a price list or pricing page, be sure the services for your 2 Groupon options are posted to prevent getting declined by Groupon. Its best to change your pricing back to its original amount after you have received you 10 positive reviews.

Advantages To Letting Groupon Customers Book Online

Groupon will bring in more customers than you can handle, allowing them to book services online will cut down tremendously on the number of phone calls you will have to take for scheduling appointments

Disadvantages to Letting Groupon Customers Book Online

When you permit Groupon customers to book online it allows your work week and possibly month to be filled with discounted customers which is bad for profits.

It is always more beneficial to require Groupon customers to call in to make appoints, this way you can control the amount of discounted customers you accept, and how often you service them. At the height of your business it is best to only schedule 2 to 3 Groupon customers per week, this will keep a steady flow of positive reviews, which is what you’ll need for this strategy to work for your business, and most importantly, you will continue to receive free advertising through Groupon.

There are 2 important factors that must be present on your website in order for this strategy to be effective, of course one is the pricing as described above, and the second is listing your service area. The service area is not required by Groupon, but it is mandatory in order for this strategy to work. 

When your listing the service area on your website use the names of specific cities that cover all of the areas your willing to service, if your really want to be detailed, you can list zip codes as to detail your service center, this information will be temporary just like your retail prices, but you will not change it until you receive your ten positive reviews of course.