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                                    Business Grant Writing

Module 8 - Step-by-Step Guide

A. How to find business grants and other funding you do not have to pay back

     1. Retain your Google search memory

     2. Most popular phrases to use for finding business grants

How to find business grants and other no loan funding 

When you conduct a Google search for business grants you get results of thousands of spam websites and not one single reliable grant source. Due to the poor results, in order to find valid grant resources you will need to retain  your Google history of business grant searches.  


Retrain your Google search memory

Finding reliable information on Google is extremely difficult believe it or not, the reason being is that all search results are based on your personal search history. This is why when you enter the  phrase "business grants"  into Googles's search engine all the results are spam and other unreliable resources. To get reliable sources in your search results you must train your Google searches to weed out the spam websites claiming to have information on valid grants.

This is how you do it, and it only takes a few hours.


1st Step - Using the specific names of the grants, contest , and competitions you learned about in the preceding modules, enter several of the names into Google, spend 10 to 15 minutes on each site


2nd Step - After you have entered several for the grants resources from this course and  and spent a few minutes on each website, he search engine now should allow generic searches that will render valid results. But, in order to do this efficiently you must Never use  the word "grant" in any of your search phrases.

3rd Step - Use phrases similar to the following to search for no loan business funding:

business challenges

pitch competition

pitch contest

business contest

business incubator

business plans competition

business plans contest

business pitch challenge

 Using the phrases above and other like them will weed out spam websites for no loan business funding, and business grants, remember to never use the word 'grants' to search for business grants.

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